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Shravana is the holiest month of the year for Devotees. All devout followers of Sanatana Dharma around the world observe austerities in this month with great reverence and devotion. Each day of the month has its own significant value.

Somvaara – Monday – known as Shravan Somvar, is a special day for Lord Shiva.
Managalavaara – Tuesday – Gauri (Paravati) is worshipped in every home, especially by newly married women.
Buddhavaara – Wednesday – are dedicated to Lord Buddha (Buddhvara)
Guruvaara – Thursday – days for worshipping Spiritual Masters (Gurus)
Shukravaara – Friday – every home worships Lakshmi and Tulsi
Shanivaara – Saturday – are for Hanuman and Balaji
Ravivaara – Sunday – Sun God is worshipped


In the Shikshapatri Slokha 76, Lord Shree Swaminarayan states:-

All my disciples shall perform additional religious duties during the four months of monsoon (Chaturmaasa).  Those who are incapable shall perform them during the month of Shraavana


The four holy months of Chaturmaasa are special auspicious times for pleasing God by offering extra devotion.

It is known that any religious activity performed during these months is more fruitful than any other time. People observe various austerities (Niyams or Vratas) as per Shikshapatri Shloka 77 – 78.

However, out of these four months it is stated that the month of Shravana is most auspicious. Various divine festivities such as Hindola, Rakshabandhan and Janamashtmi are celebrated in this month.