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Second day of the New Year, Kartik Sud 2 which is also known as yamdwitiya.

Once Yama Raja was invited and requested by his sister Yamunaji (river Yamuna) to have a meal at her home, but unfortunately he did not make it. Days passed, finally on Kartik Sud 2, he was able to pay homage and had a meal. Yamunaji welcomed him by performing his poojan with chandan (sandal wood paste), traditional perfumes, garments etc.

On waving Yamaraja reciprocated his sibling love by gifting ornamentals and he then requested her to ask him for a boon. She then asked, "On this day, you should always visit me and have a meal at my house." Yamaraja granted her the boon and also said that those who bathe in river Yamuna, celebrate this day would not face my yamaloka (yampoori).

A sister invite’s her brother (may also include cousin brother) to have meal and in return the brother boons her that in any kind trouble I shall protect you and your family.