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COVID-19 - Amrutmaay Bhakti 108,000

Friday, 20th March 2020 - Saturday, 23th May 2020


In light of the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Worldwide. It is now the time we all come together to pray in these unprecedented times by reciting 108,000 Swaminarayan maha-mantra, Janmangal Strotam/Namavali (composed by Shatanand Swami) and doing Mala.

The target is 108,000 recitals from devotees Worldwide.

Send your completed recitals along with your country of residence/city to SSTE WhatsApp +254 746453939. Please aim to submit regularly so that we can share the progress with everybody.

Note: Once you have submitted your recitals, you should start counting from zero again as your previous submission would have already been accounted for.


Shree Swaminarayan Temple - Eldoret
P.O Box No.2619
+254 32163889