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Shree Narnarayandev Dvishatabdi Mahotsav

Tuesday 18th - Wednesday 26th April 2023



How can I donate:

Online via the site - DONATE

You can now transfer directly via the site or to our bank account directly.

Once you have made the donation, kindly WhatsApp or email us with your full name, address, and payment receipt.

Our WhatsApp - +91 75676 07000

Email - [email protected] 

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Please contact us for further details:

+91 91857 36171 - Sadguru, Upmahant Swami Shree Bhagvadjivandasji

+91 98253 41041 - Sadgurur Swami Shree Devprakashdasji

Or email the Utsav team:

Utsav Team


The following activities will take place leading up to the utsav


Shree Swaminarayan Temple - Bhuj
Shree Swaminarayan Road
Tirth Dham
Bhuj, Kutch
+91 75676 07000 +91 75676 08000
[email protected]